Lu Ann Williams_Innova Market insight

Lu Ann Williams,

co-founder, Global Insights Direcor and Innova Market Insights CEO

Lu Ann Williams is co-founder and Global Insights Director at Innova Market Insights, a global market research firm headquartered in The Netherlands.
An expert on trends driving the food and beverage industry, she is a frequent speaker at industry events.
Thirty years of global experience, data analysis and trendspotting give her a unique foundation for insights into what’s coming next in the industry in every region of the world.

Conscious consumption, the future of

food industry

Every year, Innova Market Insights identifies the Top 10 Trends for the food & beverage industry.
Recognizing consumers’ urgent demand for trust & transparency from brands, Innova highlights “Shared Planet” as the #1 trend. Environmental concerns lead to innovations in upcycling efforts and to an interest from consumers to go “back to the roots”.
Join Lu Ann Williams, Global Insights Director, as she explores the food industry trends that define today’s conscious consumer.