Kim Hyung Bum_Gelyo

2020. 10 2.463% success of Wadiz crowdfunding to Fairtrade Organic Farm Party Gelato 

2020. 07 HACCP Certification to Gelyo Gelato Production Plant 

2020. 06 Suply to organic raw sugar for fair trade

2018. 10 Apple Gelato was awarded at Agricultural Food Startup contest by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Start-up food industry, accompanied by crowdfunding

Gelyo established the company in Jeollabuk-do in 2019, where the supply and demand of raw materials for Korean agricultural products is smooth and actively fostering the agri-food industry, after winning the Minister’s Award in the 2018 Agricultural Food Start-up Contest.

Gelyo moved into the FOODPOLIS Venture Center in July 2019 and launched 8 kinds of Korean agricultural gelato in November 2020 through the Jeonbuk Youth Start-up Academy course.

Wadiz Crowdfunding was the marketing that Gelyo carried out for low brand awareness and market development in the early stages of the business.

Starting with 370% success in the 1st funding of Apple Gelato in December 2019, 5,941% of food venture and start-up mock crowdfunding in 2020, followed by 2,463% success in the 2nd funding of Jakdu Bean Gelato in October 2020. 

Therefore, Gelyo has been the successful launching in Coupang Rocket Fresh, Naver Smart Store, The Farmer Market and other major open markets.