The 5th International Food cluster forum

Date : 2015.11.17
Venue : The K Hotel
Topic : Global Food Practicalization R&D Technology

Distinguished Speakers

Success factors for the innovation of food products and the processing technology in the food industry
Horst-Christian Langowski (Current Chairman of IVV)
Functional Foods Technology : Development of healthy and convenient food products with innovative technological processes, optimized for maximal taste/ Tailor-made functional Ingredients for foods
Christian Zacherl (Senior Researcher)
Quality and Safety Technology : Quality enhancement and shelf-life prolongation of food / Decontamination methods for food / food Packaging and aseptic filling validation
Carolin Hauser (Senior Researcher)
Packaging Foods Technology : Food Contact Materials (FCM) / Packaging – Enhanced Product
Klaus Noller & Roland Franz (Chief Researcher)