8th Foodpolis International Conference

Date : 2018.10.30
Venue : Korea Institute for Food Industry Cluster
Topic : Past, Present and Future of Food: “From HMR to 3D Food”

Distinguished Speakers

Personalized Food (Future Food Market) Trends and Prospect
Jim Daily (CEO of Daily Manufacturing)
3D Food Innovation
Balunkeswar Nayak (Professor of University of Maine)
HMR Content Quality and Nutrient Preservation Strategy
Myeong-Hui Byeon (Director of Central Lab at Daesang)
HMR Container and Packaging Technology
Katakura (Senior Researcher of Kuraray Film)
Cases and Prospects of Domestic/Overseas Edible Insects and Cultured Mea
Arnold van Huis (Honorary Professor of Wageningen University, Former Member of FAO)
Sales Strategy for Future Food (eye tracking, change of calculation method)
Jong-pil Joo (Manager of Korea branch of Tobii Technology)